Is my penis too small?

There isn't a man alive today who hasn't wondered how his penis matches up to those of other men. It's equally true that most men would like a bigger penis.

In study after study, it's been shown that when a man is asked how big his penis is, he tends to exaggerate its size. Men then look at these studies and then think that they don't measure up in the manhood department.

Men also watch a lot of porn and it gives them a chance to see how they compare to the screen studs. Once again it can leave some men feeling a little inadequate.

Male porn stars certainly appear to have big penises. No doubt some do, but the vast majority of porn actors are not especially well endowed. What you have to remember is that camera angles, lighting, and other tricks of the film trade are used to make the most of the actors' assets. You'll also find penis pumps in common use on porn sets.

Anyway, we thought it was about time that there was a website about penis size that told it like it is in plain English.

And here you are. Enjoy!

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